The cell phone industry loosely uses the word "smart phone" a lot without ever giving it a true meaning. This wasn’t much of a problem back when they first coined it, but today’s advanced smart phones are much more sophisticated than the phones that we were using back then. The important reason is that a smart phone makes us re-examine what we expect from these devices.

You are probably shocked about the price of the Samsung Conquer and the specs it provides. The central element is its brilliant 4.3-inch capacitive TFT LCD touch screen, which supports 3D and multi-touch and has light and proximity sensors. Under the hood of the phone is a 1000MHz Texas Instrument dual-core processor. Feature-wise, it's everything you expect from a modern cell phone: camera, built-in social networking support, wide range of codec support, and wide array of connectivity options including Bluetooth, USB, HDMI, and more.

What makes the Samsung Conquer separate from the last generation of smart phones are features like the dual-core processor with its dual-memory and dual-channel architecture along with a dedicated GPU. What all those words mean for the average user is that the Thrill is essentially a computer that you can hold in the palm of your hand. Moving forward, Android apps will continue to become more sophisticated and power hungry, and a phone such as this one lets you buy it with the confidence that it’ll be up to that challenge for the next three years or even longer.

One feature creating a lot of buzz is the Samsung Conquer's ability to display 3D without the requirement of 3D glasses. This is a huge breakthrough since glasses are usually a requirement for 3D devices. What's also nice is that the phone is not limited to just movies. It seamlessly integrates the 3D into the home screen and navigational system. You can even access free 3D videos via the new YouTube 3D website and service.

Another fascinating aspect of the Samsung Conquer is that its built-in camera supports 3D capture. Just think about all of the possibilities that are provided. When you choose to record something in 3D, the file sizes are much bigger but the rest of the process is virtually the same. And once you’ve finished recording a video, you can immediately watch it in 3D or upload it directly to the YouTube 3D service. If you have a 3D television in your home, you can also watch them there by connecting the phone to the TV via the built-in Micro-HDMI port. Many of the Samsung Conquer accessories such as the Samsung Conquer case and Samsung Conquer screen protector can be used with many other smart phones. This means that you will not have to spend as much money on accessories if you already own a Samsung device.

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